Actaeon Robotic Surgery Training Console

Actaeon Console is the answer to what is currently missing in Robotic Surgery education: an easy trasportable and easy setup console which perfectly simulate the feedback of a da Vinci® console. With it you can trasform your standard computer classroom into an hi-tech robotics surgery training classroom, where every student can find his space to train and practice on this exciting Surgery field.

It fully integrates with Xron, the Robotic Surgery Training Software which is included into the bundle.

Main features:

  • Patented master controllers reproduce surgeon console constrains
  • Easy transport and setup: weights less than 8 Kg
  • Precise surgical robot movement simulation
  • Trainee view is mirrored on external monitor or transmitted to a supervisor tablet
  • Team training support with global statistics collection
  • Fully customizable training curriculum

Customizable training curriculum:

  • Introductive tutorials: to make trainee familiar with clutching, grasping and endoscope movements and with the use of robot controls
  • Simple objects manipulation tasks: to understand the behavior and the characteristics of the robot to fully exploit them
  • Complex objects manipulation tasks: to improve the accuracy and precision, as well as the execution speed
  • Needle handling tasks: to acquire dexterity and confidence in using needles for puncturing, suturing and knot tying
  • Anatomically based tasks: to learn how to avoid damaging tissues, including veins during manipulation, cauterization and cutting
All tasks can be adapted and extended to fit different medical specialty requirements and to include innovative procedures and instruments
da Vinci® is a registered trademark of Intuitive Surgical Inc. Actaeon is not a product manufactured, sold or distributed by Intuitive Surgical Inc.