This handle has been developed as an accessory of the 3DS Geomagic® Touch™ Haptic Device (formerly Sensable PHANTOM® Omni). It can be used without additional hardware since it match the original handle connector and uses a custom communication protocol compatible with the original Geomagic® API.

Tipical applications are the control of end-effector fingers position in teleoperated systems or other tasks which need an angular position acquisition. The handle is also equipped with a button that can be connected to customizable functions.

Main features:

  • Cost effective additional 7th DOF.
  • No external connections needed.
  • Absolute position feedback.
  • Internal automatic calibration system.
  • One monostable customizable switch.
  • Adjustable finger housings.
  • Battery operated.

Technical specification:

Dimensions 22 x 22 x 90 mm.
Weight 150 g.
Material ABS Polymer
Opening range 30 degrees
Resolution 3 degrees
Min. position sample rating 30 Hz
Battery Removable 2 x ZINC AIR P675
Operating time 6 months (8 hours/day for 20 days/month)