Xron Robotic Surgery Training Software

With Xron every surgeon can have a training system for the da Vinci® at home. Xron, in fact, is a cost-effective robotic surgery simulator that runs on common hardware platforms. Xron has been developed following the guidelines of different training centres and surgeons in Europe and USA and exploits Bullet Physics Library to provide a realistic robotic experience.

Xron provides different kinds of task: from basic skills, related to the dexterous use of the robot, to advanced tasks, related to the handling of needle or the respect of delicate tissues. At the end of each task, trainee receives a comprehensive evaluation of the execution. Different levels of difficulty ensure that the trainee is lead through a complete training curriculum.

As an optional service, BBZ offers the customization of Xron training software to any kind of surgical robot.

Main features:

  • Accurate physics simulation (e.g. realistic needle handling).
  • Realistic graphics rendering.
  • Support for 3D rendering.
  • Evaluation metrics and scoring system.
  • Training tasks with different levels of difficulty.
  • From basic to advanced skills training.
  • Fully customizable to any surgical robot

da Vinci® is a registered trademark of Intuitive Surgical Inc. Xron is not a product manufactured, sold or distributed by Intuitive Surgical Inc.