Welcome to BBZ


Welcome to BBZ

We are an Italian company that provides custom solutions for robotic surgery training and development. 

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Our Team

Davide Zerbato Ph.D.

Software design

CEO and co-founder of BBZ. Before starting the company he spent 8 years in Altair Robotics Lab under the guidance of Prof. Fiorini doing research on the design and development of virtual environments for training

Francesco Bovo

Hardware design

COO and co-founder of BBZ. Before starting the company he designed the mechanics of the control console of the surgical robot developed by Surgica Robotica: the first certified European surgical robot

Professor Paolo Fiorini Ph.D.

Scientific advisor

Professor of Robotic at the University of Verona. Previously he worked with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, where he did research on autonomous and teleoperated systems for space

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