Services and technologies for your surgical robot

We assist you from the drawing table to the operative room with custom hardware and software solutions that speed up the development of your surgical robots and related technologies

Custom design and support

We have expertise in the creation of innovative medical robots: we will assist you from the design phase to the production and assembly of your robot and from the computation of inverse kinematics to the deployment of the final robot in the operating room

Mechanics design

We design robotic arms, robotic tools and master consoles

Control software

We develop low and high level control software for any robot


We support you in the integration of your surgical robot

Final adjustment

We know that sometimes things do not work out of the box

Teleoperation console

We adapt our control console to your needs so that you can quickly integrate it with your robot to speed up its development


Choose between USB, HID, Serial, or CAN-bus commmunication protocol with support for Linux and Windows or define your own protocol


Test your architecture and slave robots since the beginning of the development. Take the console to your users and not the other way around 


Take advantage of a well established design to provide your users an ergonomic setup with all the required adjustments


Customize the appearance of the console and extend it with additional controls and functionalities to make the usage of your robot more intuitive

Simulation software

We integrate your robot in our software to allow you simulating your robot in realistic environments to evaluate its effectiveness or to showcase it to your customers


Easily configure your robot with simple script files. Change kinematics parameters, link 3D models and joint specifications to find the best configuration


Quickly test your control algorithms and strategies in a safe environment without the risk of damaging your robot and with realistic tasks


Showcase your robot without the need for the robot. Combine our software with our console and get a compact traveling demo unit


Twee is a wireless and lightweight additional analog degree of freedom for your Touch™. Snap it on the Touch™ jack and add few lines of code to your project to sense Twee opening angle and switch state.


Maximum opening angle: 30°
Resolution: 3°
Extra: digital button
Sampling rate: 30Hz


Connector: 6.35mm audio jack (compatible with Touch™)
Software interface: duty cycle encoding of sensor reading


Type: 2 removable ZINC AIR P675 (or equivalent)
Life: 6 months (considering 8 hours per day and 20 days per month – actual life may vary)


Dimensions: 22×22×90mm
Weight: 40g (including batteries)
Material: Nylon

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